Butterfinger Like-O-Meter: Possible BOGO Coupon

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Butterfinger needs your help! They need help reaching 800k fans on facebook. In return, they are giving away coupons for each milestone they cross on their way to 800,000 facebook fans. Check out the milestones chart below...

When they reach 730k fans, which they have, there's a $0.10 coupon to download. Click here to get yours. When they reach 740k (getting really close), you will be able to download a $0.20 off coupon and so on. When they finally reach 800k fans, they will offer a BOGO coupon.

Head on over to the Butterfinger facebook page and "like" them. Then get your friends to like them and score some great coupons.


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