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Monday, November 22, 2010

Signup at and start earning FREE FOOD coupons.

1. Signup here, then confirm account. This gives you 25 points.
2. When you join there will be an option to join the Ebay Green to join that and you will get 50 points.
3. Once logged in, click on Earn Points. Enter code: TakeSmallSteps. Then select Points Partner "Marcal". That will earn you 15 points.
4. Now, go back to the Earn Points screen and Enter code: 031604025496. Then select Points Partner "Nature Made". That will earn you 10 points. But wait, you can enter this code 4 more times for an extra 40 points.
5. Take 2 MillerCoors quizes for 20 more points.

You should have a total of 140 points or more now. Now, click on Get Rewards and start searching through the rewards available. Here are some food items available...

~ FREE Wonderful Pistachios - 200 points
~ 2 FREE Cans Friskies Cat Food - 75 points
~ $1 off any Coca-Cola product - 50 points
~ Buy One 2-liter Coca-Cola, Get 1 FREE - 60 points
~ 2 Free Cans Fancy Feast - 75 points
~ $3 off any Kashi product - 90 points
~ $1 off 2 Bumble Bee products - 50 points
~ Buy One Clif Bar, Get One Free - 50 points
~ Buy YoBaby 4-pack, Get One Free - 125 points

Check out deals for Free items at Restaurants too! Here are a few deals...

~ Free Ice Cream Cone at McDonald's - 100 points
~ Free Premium Coffee at McDonald's - 100 points
~ Free Salad w/ Happy Meal purchase at McD's - 150 points
~ Free Inn Stix w/ purchase at Cottage Inn Pizza - 40 points

And there are rewards for toys, video games and lots more. If you like MyCokeRewards, you can get 250 free points by using 250 recyclebank points. Enjoy!


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