Free Sample of Teeccino Coffee Alternative

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Free Sample of Teeccino Coffee Alternative.

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1. Almond Amaretto - Medium Roast - Hints of summer fruit deepened by roasted almonds, dates & figs
2. Chocolate Mint - Light Roast - Coolness of green peppermint accents ultra-rich cocoa
3. Hazelnut - Medium Roast - Buttery hazelnuts enriched by golden roasted almonds, dates & figs
4. Java - Medium Roast - Deep balanced body with a stronger coffee bite softened by dates & figs
5. Maya Chai - Medium Roast - Stimulating spike of spicy notes accented with creamy vanilla
6. Maya French Roast - Dark Roast - Intense deep coffee notes from roasted ramon nuts create a robust, focused body
7. Maya Chocolaté - Dark Roast - Velvety chocolate layered over a lush, dense body with a hint of heat from chiles
8. Mocha - Medium Roast - Lush chocolate over the essence of coffee; a hint of sweetness
9. Original - Light Roast - Citrus top notes from organic peel enhanced with sweetness from dates & figs
10. Vanilla Nut - Medium Roast - Creamy vanilla accented by golden roasted almonds, dates & figs


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